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Dual Degree

The Master degree programme includes student positions within the joint international programme of Dual degree in Sustainable Materials (SUMA Master degree), meeting the requirements of the Quality Label of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) of the European Commission for the high education target of the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) supported by EU in the field of Raw Materials. For details please visit the SUMA Master website



The first year at Milano is based on mandatory courses characterized by three aims. A first kind of courses provides the student with advanced knowledge in the physics and chemistry of materials. Aim of this part of the programme is the acquisition of a general scheme for the interpretation and the design of function vs. structure relationships in a wide class of materials. A second kind of courses are aimed at the acquisition of competences in experimental techniques of material characterization and synthesis, with activities in experimental laboratories interacting with research groups at the Department of Materials Science. The first year programme also includes a third kind of courses on specific classes of materials and function-related structures, giving also a basis for understanding the strategy for a sustainable technology.


The second year at Milano is devoted to the acquisition of competences related to research skills and innovation management in the field of materials development. The programme comprises a few courses on entrepreneurship and industrial aspects in the area of materials science - including nanotechnology, composites, microelectronics, and molecular materials - which may be composed in a personalized programme through mandatory and elective courses. Then, a relevant number of credits are devoted to the research activity of master Thesis and internship in close connection with research groups and industrial partners, putting the student in contact with cutting-edge research topics and up-to-date methods of investigation. The full immersion in team activities within research groups and international networks stimulates specific awareness for managing research, applications, and curiosity for new problems and ideas. Additional activities regard seminars of experts from industry on management and innovation topics, besides laboratories of scientific language, and an Italian language laboratory (together with a wide cultural proposal on transversal competences) for an optimal integration of incoming foreign students.



The Master programme at the Department of Materials Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca is aimed at training scientists with a solid background in chemistry and physics, with competences for designing and tailoring new material systems for specific functions, and with a specific view to the sustainability of processes and technologies in the field of material development. Main job opportunities are in industries and research centres in Europe working on the development and production of functional materials for advanced applications and high technology, including polymers, insulators, semiconductors, alloys, ceramics, fibre optics, ionic conductors, superconductors, and materials for photonics. In this context, the Master student profile is tailored for creating persons to be employed in positions of responsibility in managing advanced material design, production processes and material qualifying protocols in high tech firms, material diagnostics and analysis in industries and research centres, and material development projects and scientific research projects in the field of material science and technology innovation.