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Master Degree


The Master programme at the Department of Materials Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca is aimed at training scientists with a solid background in chemistry and physics, with competences for designing and tailoring new material systems for specific functions, and with a specific view to the sustainability of processes and technologies in the field of material development. Main job opportunities are in industries and research centres in Europe working on the development and production of functional materials for advanced applications and high technology, including polymers, insulators, semiconductors, alloys, ceramics, fibre optics, ionic conductors, superconductors, and materials for photonics. In this context, the Master student profile is tailored for creating persons to be employed in positions of responsibility in managing advanced material design, production processes and material qualifying protocols in high tech firms, material diagnostics and analysis in industries and research centres, and material development projects and scientific research projects in the field of material science and technology innovation.

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