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Materials Science Degree Courses


The Education programme in Materials Science of the University of Milano-Bicocca includes:

First cycle:          BACHELOR degree in Materials Science (3 years – 180 credits – in Italian)
This Bachelor degree course aims to assure students acquire a basis of knowledge in the chemical and physical properties of materials, in experimental techniques to discover their properties, and in technical/professional skills to use materials in applied settings.


Second cycle*:    MASTER degree in Materials Science (2 years – 120 credits – in English)

The Master degree course provides students with a deeper understanding of the discipline that extends and reinforces the knowledge they acquired during their undergraduate studies.  Specifically, students develop their understanding of the physical and chemical properties of materials as well as their engineering aspects.

Third cycle:         DOCTORATE in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (3 years)


* The Master degree programme includes student positions within the joint international programme of Dual degree in Sustainable Materials (SUMA Master degree), meeting the requirements of the Quality Label of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) of the European Commission for the high education target of the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) supported by EU in the field of Raw Materials. For details please visit the SUMA Master website