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Doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology

The doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology aims at preparing postgraduate students to do fundamental, applied or industrial research either experimental or theoretical in, (i) in those areas of physics and chemistry which are basic for Materials Science and its technological applications; (ii) in a very rapidly growing scientific field which comprises growth, characterization and functionalization methods and computational approaches at the nanometric limit. These features which are indeed interdisciplinary spanning from chemistry to engineering, from physics to biology and medicine are the educational milestones of the doctorate. International collaborations are fostered and a minimum stay of six months abroad at a University or at a research Laboratory is mandatory.  Furthermore the headquarters of the European doctorate in Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (PCAM) which includes fourteen Universities of eleven states are located at this doctorate. The projects THINFACE and CATSENSE, funded by the FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN program, have allowed obtaining Ph.D. scholarships for the XXIX course of the doctorate.

The interaction between academic and industrial research is one of the most important targets of this doctorate. Hence agreements have been signed between the doctoratein Materials Science and Nanotechnology and the companies Pirelli, SAES-GETTERS, Plasmore, which are also members of the managing board. The Italian Association of Science and Technology AIV is also an active partner. In the XXIX course three scholarships are funded by Pirelli.

The doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is subdivided into three curricula with the same entrance examination:

1) Basic materials science:
2) Industrial materials science;

3) Nanoscience.


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Director of the Course:
Prof. Marco Bernasconi


Dr. Maria Cristina Fassina